Saskatoon Women's Clothing

Back Story

Sova Design Millinery was created by Sherri Hrycay of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Sherri was always interested in design, but she made her first hats around 2000- 2001. Around that time, Sherri bought a hat from Louise Green, of Los Angeles California, and was hooked. With the work of the renowned milliner Stephen Jones as an inspiration, Sherri set out to learn millinery. Through sheer determination and perseverance, she has been able to dedicate her career to doing what she loves.

  • The story of Sova Millinery starts long before 2000, and even long before Sherri was born. Sova, in Ukrainian, means Owl. Sova also was the maiden name of Sherri’s grandmother Maria. In the years before World War Two, only 16 years old and completely alone, Maria fled Ukraine only to end up in Germany during the war years. She was a fortunate soul who never was condemned to a concentration camp but spent the war years doing forced labour. At the end of the war, she met a soldier from the French liberating forces, and the rest is history. But not quite.

  • Sherri’s father Michael was born, but Maria and her partner were separated never to see each other again. Maria moved to Canada to start a new life and Michael never knew his father. Understandably, later in life, Michael became increasingly driven to find his father. After a search that lasted over 50 years, the family was finally reunited. While Michael’s father passed a few years previously, Michael became acquainted with his loving brothers and their families. This is when Sherri found out her biological grandfather worked as a hat maker.

  • Sova Millinery is uniquely Sherri’s creation, but it has been inspired by other milliners of our time, and those of a bygone era. What Sova Millinery brings to you is modern fashion with the quality and charm of the old world.


We have customers visiting our Hat Shop from across Saskatoon, Regina, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Alberta, Toronto, Ontario and the surrounding areas.