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    Working with Sherri from a distance was seamless, collaborative and friendly.  Within a week of my contacting Sherri, my hat was finished and shipped

    Leonara – Montreal 
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    I have purchased 5 or 6 beautiful hats from Sova Design Millinery, some of them from the store, and several custom-made. All have been beautiful, a quality of hat not seen elsewhere and of course, with real flair.  My spouse and family are from Saskatchewan, but I have been spiriting these beautiful hats back to Ontario.

    Robin - Toronto 
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    In the modern world where custom is key, style is critical and good service is sought after, Sova was a breath of fresh air.
    My Son had been longing for a Fedora for some time and I am always seeking custom stylish items to aid me in living my best life. We learned about Sova, cold called and got an appointment right away.  Sherri's story, family values and sense for style made a memorable experience for my Son and I.  As a business owner/maker myself, I can truely give Sova 5 stars.

    Jeremy H.
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    Sherri is an expert in what she does. I have many many hats and fascinators created by this artist. She imports the best materials from Europe and is a master fitter. She honestly has a hat for everyone - large or small, men or women. Go and see her!

    Candace F.
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    Sherri has talent and style. Her hats are exceptional quality and look beautiful. They are practical art. There are so many styles that I believe anyone could wear a Sova hat. All they have to do is see Sherri for some help to discover their style. 

    A Sova hat is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all hat. Rather it is custom made for the individual - you! But there are also beautiful hats to take home right away. One time when I went to have Sherri reshape my hat (my fault), I found a beautiful hat there that I had to make my own!  I decided to post today because my 5th Sova hat is ready and I am so excited! I can hardly wait to pick it up. Thank you, Sherri!

    Adelle A.